revolutionary road trip

revolutionary road trip

in production
produced and directed by:
denise Kiernan & Joe D’agnese Nutgraf productions 
in association with
Rock Creek Productions
filming locations:
The 13 original colonies
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Pubs. Cemeteries. Dank dungeons and lavish plantations. Yes, our travels through the 13 original colonies are taking us to locations associated with the signers—where they lived, died, drank and fought.

But we are also meeting people and witnessing events that embody not only the Founding Era’s ideas of what America should be, but also what fascinates—and sometimes infuriates—people about the nation today.

From the reenactment of the Yorktown Tea Party to the swearing-in of 34 new Americans in the very room where the original Declaration of Independence is displayed, we are constantly on the hunt for the historic and the hysterical, the insightful and the inspiring.

Stay tuned. We may soon be coming to a location near you...

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Edenton, NC
Independence Center
colonial williamsburg

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