thank you


We’d like to thank those who have helped us during our ongoing filming and production:

We couldn’t have done it without you



Washington D.C.

Mike Litterst

Barbara Boles

William Cole

Lee Kreps

Thomas P. Nelson, Jr.

Greg Lohse

Miriam Kleiman

Kathryn Mattingly

Tony Youmans

Katherine Hernandez

Charles Duell

Tracey Todd

Pat Kennedy

John Pope

Carl Borick

Rachel Chesser

Frank & Raejean Beattie

Tommy Dew

Mary Kittrell

The rock creek Filmmakers

Tim Philips

Jon Shaivitz

Aimie Burns

Leola Calzolai-Stewart

Steve Agnew

Cameron Dozier

Craig Hirshberg

Rachell Shapiro

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